How to use Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India

 Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India | How to Earn Money Online 

How to use Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India

Hello Friends, what if I tell you that there is a way to earn money online? A lot of it. Does that sound good? Well, there is a way to make money online and you don't have to work like 8 to 10 hours a day for that. What? 

You just have to work with the biggest company in the world. You just have to start doing Amazon affiliate marketing and this is also known as Amazon Associates Program. Likewise, you can monetize your website, your YouTube channel or your Telegram with it and you can earn a regular income from it.

But that's not so easy as it sounds. There is a plenty of work you have to do to be a successful Amazon affiliate Marketing King. Let me tell you about Amazon affiliate marketing and the process about how to become an Amazon associate.

So what is the Amazon affiliate marketing

Amazon affiliate marketing is like any other affiliate marketing website. The idea behind the program is very simple. You just have to sell a product and you will earn a Commission from the Amazon. Associates program.

Suppose if there is a offer going on at Amazon website which is providing an expensive product for a cheaper price and you make a link using your affiliate account for that particular product and you share that link on your social media or. Your blog And anyone of your followers just by that product. 

So in this situation, this is a win-win situation for every one of you involved, the Sale got more product to sell. And you got your affiliate Commission from Amazon affiliate Marketing, and the purchaser who purchased from your link got an expensive product at a cheaper price.

To earn money online in India, this is the great way to earn because Amazon holds the 40% of market share of online product selling business. And that is your opportunity to become the King of Amazon affiliate marketing.

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Advantages of starting Amazon affiliate marketing

As you know that everyone loves and extra income and that is a Universal truth. And Amazons affiliate marketing is better than the competition. So here are some reasons why Amazon affiliate marketing is Better than others.

Amazon is a very trustworthy brand- 

Amazon is the biggest online retail platform in the world and it is a trusted, well known brand among every person on the Earth. When you share links from Amazon, your website users, visitors or your YouTube subscribers will know that they will purchase from a very reputed brand And your credibility Will be counted.

Amazon affiliate marketing is easy to start- 

if you have a website or a YouTube channel or any other type of souls where you can promote your Amazon links Then You just have to sign up and Amazon may approve your registration as an Amazon associate so you can just start your affiliate business.

Profit for a whole day-

Well, when you share a link with your subscriber or your reader on your website, then whenever they click that link, that link. Hakuouki remains in their browser, so If they make a purchase within 24 hours of clicking your link, then you will surely get the Commission tracked. Suppose if you have shared them a link to buy shoes, but they didn't buy that shoe and after 4-5 hours they just go to Amazon and they bought a toothbrush or T-shirt Then you will get Your Commission For that T-shirt too.

So many choices-

As you know that Amazon is the largest shopping gallery, so you can just browse more and more and more products and choose anyone of them to share with your visitors or your subscribers. And you know there are over one 20,000,000 products being sold on Amazon at the time of writing this blog.

Disadvantages of Amazon affiliate marketing

boil Amazon is a very reputed brand and being an Amazon associate, gives many advantages to you, but there are a few disadvantages too.

Revenue is category dependent

While Amazon gives you a very good amount as a Commission, but for some products or some categories it can be very low If you are running a blog or a YouTube channel about mobile phones, then I have bad news for you because Amazon doesn't give So much amount As affiliate Commission for the sales of mobile phones. 

How to use Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India

All products are not equal and when it comes to Amazon affiliate marketing than Amazon decides how to promote them and how much commission will they give to that particular product. So I'll recommend you too. Read how much Commission that particular product is giving you Before sharing the links.

It takes time

You can earn money very easily on Amazon affiliate marketing in India, but. If you have a very limited sources of visitors or subscribers on YouTube, then you have to wait for very long time to get your Commission Ready to be dispersed in your account.

But if you have a blog or website or a YouTube channel or a telegram channel with many subscribers in them, then you can earn money online very easily in India. Using the Amazon affiliate marketing.

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How does the Amazon affiliate marketing program works

when you create an Amazon affiliate link And share it with your visitors and YouTube subscribers. Then Amazon adds a tracking code to that specific link. And whenever anyone clicks that link and purchases anything then it gets tracked in your Amazon affiliate marketing account.

  1. You make a link and share it with a user.
  2. That user clicks on that link and. Purchases any product.
  3. In case if that user didn't purchase any product and then if they purchase anything within the 24-hour period, then you will get your Commission in your Amazon affiliate marketing account.

Amazon also pays commission for the items added to the cart within 24 hours of the link generation and if they are purchased before the card expires, then also the referee Of that link gets the Commission.

Remember that a customer clicked on your link and goes to the Amazon page, but not purchased anything, and that same customer clicked on anyone else's. Affiliate link and purchased any product then you will not get any Commission for that sale because the cookies refresh every time a person click on any affiliate link.

Should you become an Amazon affiliate marketing promoter

Well, Amazon affiliate marketing in India is a great way to earn money online. If you are willing to put an extra effort. If you have a following on your website or your telegram channel or your YouTube channel or any other platform than these platforms then you can. Earn money very easily from There. Keep in mind that if you have a trustworthy reputation among your family and friends or your subscribers, then if you tell anyone to purchase a product from your affiliate link, then they will definitely purchase from there because Of your reputation.

Steps to start Amazon affiliate marketing in India

as we have already told you the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon affiliate marketing. Now this is the time to tell you how you can become an Amazon affiliate. Well this is a very simple process that starts from you going to the Amazon affiliate marketing page from the link given here. And click on this sign up button.

How to use Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India

Enter the information asked on the next page, like your name, address and your country.
How to use Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India

After submitting your information You Will be asked to add your websites or your mobile apps where you are intending to share the affiliate marketing links.

How to use Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India

After you Add all your Websites and apps where you are intending to share your affiliate links. You will be asked to fill a new form where it will be asked that which kind of products you are planning to advertise on your website.

How to use Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India

Now you have to tell Amazon that how would you bring sales to Amazon affiliate marketing? Describe how you can derive traffic to your website or YouTube channel or anything else. And even tell Amazon about your monthly traffic on your website.

How to use Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India

Once you have filled up all those details in the forms. Then Amazon maybe call you or text you a pain which you have to provide them to verify that you are acknowledging the terms and conditions and you can now start the Amazon affiliate marketing.

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Now you have submitted your application successfully and you will receive a unique ID which you have to use when activating your account. Amazon usually takes 3 days to get verify your site from their end and tell you that if you have been approved to become an Amazon affiliate or disapproved.

How to use Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India

If you are approved to become an Amazon associate, then you have to make a sale within the 6th month of your approval and if you will be unable to make a cell in the 6 months then your Amazon affiliate marketing account will be closed by Amazon. But that's not an issue because you can reapply to re open your Amazon affiliate marketing account.

Eligibility of Amazon affiliate marketing

Amazon is very strict on where its services and products can be advertised. It checks very carefully for the websites and platforms which do not comply for their usage and they mark them as unsuitable sites. And if you are trying to become an Amazon affiliate then you should not make those mistakes with your website. Or your platform.

Things not to do

  1. Do not promote or contain any sexually explicit or obscene materials.
  2. Do not promote violence or contain violent materials on your website.
  3. Do not promote or contain wrong, deceptive Orton family tree materials on your website.
  4. You should not be involved in promoting illegal activities.
  5. Your website should not violate any intellectual property rights.
  6. Do not promote or contain content that is hateful, harassing, harmful, invasive of another's, privacy, abusive, or in any way discriminatory.
Furthermore move your website should be compliant with all local child protection laws. And your content should not be directed towards children.

You can read full Amazon Affiliate Marketing Policies on their official website here

How to create links on Amazon affiliate marketing

if you get approved for the Amazon associate account, then this is the time to start making some money. And the general way of earning money through affiliate marketing is to make affiliate product links and share them with your family, friends or your website visitors. Just follow the steps to make a link.

How to use Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India

  1. Login to Amazon affiliate marketing account.
  2. Go to the product linking Drop down and click product links.
  3. Now you will be provided a search bar where you can search products on Amazon.
  4. Click on the cat link button to get the Affiliate link Of your product.
  5. Now shared is affiliate link on your website, YouTube channel or social media.
  6. Are you can just customize your head to make it only text or ad with image.

You can also use the Amazon site Stripe feature to directly create links from website product page. And you can share that affiliate link to anywhere as you do that affiliate link you created from the steps given. You can create multiple types of side stripe including text, image. Or you can also. Make some different tracking IDs

Site Stripe

Many Amazon affiliate marketers think the Site Stripe is the most user-friendly in this toolbox since it enables affiliates to build links directly from an Amazon page.

  1. Go to Associates Central.
  2. Choose “Site Stripe” from Tools.
  3. Read the brief description before clicking the “Learn More” button to unlock the display settings window.
  4. Toggle the switch to “Enable.”

How to use Amazon Affiliate Marketing in India

When will Amazon affiliate marketing pay you

There are 3 main payment methods available. For the payments.

Deposit in bank account. You have to add your bank details in your Amazon affiliate marketing account to get direct money transferred in your bank account when it reaches the threshold.

By cheque. You can also request for cheque from Amazon. To your address. But that facilities only available if you earn more than the threshold.

By Amazon gift cards. Amazon also pays you using Amazon Gift Card, which will be sent to you using your email address.

Your money earned from the Amazon affiliate marketing will be transferred to you within the 60 days Of the Sale.

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How to earn money from Amazon affiliate marketing

as you know that there are 1,000,000 of people who are very successful using the Amazon affiliate marketing program from Amazon. But you should not forget that getting paid does not depends on the clicks on your link. It depends on the conversions in cell. You do not get paid just for clicks. You have to make sure that those clicks will get converted in the sales.

You have to promote the Amazon affiliate links on only relevant topic blogs or YouTube videos because if you promote irrelevant products on a different video then maybe people click on that because of your reputation but they will not purchase that product because that is not what they need. Make sure your website follows the Amazons strict guidelines. Once you do that, start optimising your content.

Promote according to your niche

Finding your Nish is very important. When writing a blog post or making a YouTube video because once you find Dinesh then you have to create content according to that only and you have to find products On Amazon Which are Similar to your niche.

Suppose if you know about mobile phones and you have a blog about mobile phones. Then you should promote mobile phones and mobile phone accessories on that blog. That's why your users and visitors will purchase that from your blog and if you are going to sell. You on the blog where you post content about mobile phones then. It very hard to get a Sale.

Create content regularly

to earn money online in India using Amazon affiliate marketing, you have to create posts regularly because. Whenever I use, if comes to your website, they will only come back when you. Post a new content on your website. And Amazon considers this behaviour a very trustworthy. This is why you need to update content regularly.

Keyword research

Every search engine in the Internet depends on the keywords to suggest different websites and YouTube videos to different people. And if you want success in the blogging industry, then you have to research your keywords for your blogs before you post them

You can use tools like Google Keywords Planner To make keyword research and write according to that.


hello, now you should have an idea about the Amazon affiliate marketing. And now you can. Start your journey with it to earn money online. While the idea of earning are reasonable amount of money while being in the comfort of your home Dutch sound very appealing and. Please sing. But it is very important to understand that Amazon affiliate marketing is not so easy. 

You need to tell your content very precisely to sell more products, because you're incentives are entirely based on the sales, not on the clicks. This will be easy for those people who already have a great website. You have a man's traffic and large social media following. But for those people who are looking to start from the. Beginning this will be a pain. And you have to make sure that you can do it.


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