Play Warzone Mobile in Unsupported Regions | Android

As we all know that Warzone mobile is only released as a beta in Australia Region. So, if people around the globe want to play warzone mobile in unsupported regions, then this post is the way to go, follow the given process and you can play this game in any region.

So First, you will need these two files So just download them and follow the process given below to play WarZone Mobile in unsupported regions.

Download Warzone Mobile APK from here

Download vpn from here


  1. First download and instal both files in your Android phone
  2. then open the vpn app There you will be prompted to watch a video to get two hours of free vpn access 
  3. Select Australia region in VPN app. Then watch advertisement to get two hours of free vpn access
  4. then click on boost to open the warzone mobile app
  5. Now, your call of duty warzone mobile app will be opened and you will be prompted to download a 4GB file Just download it
  6. Now you will be prompted to log in your account Simply login with your activation account and if you don't have an activism account then you can create one or you can just use your call of duty mobile account
  7. after login, your game homepage will be opened and from there you can play the game

Watch our video tutorial If you are unable to perform any of these actions


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